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We have a winning approach to record suspension applications

Complete and accurate applications are the key to a successful record suspension application. At CLEANSLATE Pardons, we understand the last thing our clients want is to lose their place in a line of thousands because of a record suspension application that’s incomplete, inaccurate or ineligible.

  • Reliability: We’ve developed highly disciplined workflows with more than one-dozen quality control checks to ensure error-free results every time.
  • Accuracy: Our award-winning, quality assurance professional double-checks all record suspension applications for accuracy before they’re sent to the parole board.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our performance by offering our clients an industry-leading guarantee.

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1-705-641-1498 our location
1-705-641-1498 our location

Why people choose our record suspension service

Our personalized approach to the record suspension application process is a perfect fit for discerning clients who expect the highest standards of service and performance.

  • Exclusivity: Unlike our competitors, we’re able to prepare record suspension applications (formerly known as pardons) with forensic precision and be highly responsive to each applicant’s unique needs and situation.  This is because we limit intake to only a select few record suspension applicants at any given time.
  • Continuity:  Each of our record suspension clients will always deal with the same professional from start-to-finish to develop rapport and ensure nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Accessibility: We’re nearly always available to speak with our record suspension clients at times convenient to them — everyday at any reasonable hour.

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1-705-641-1498 our location
1-705-641-1498 our location

How our record suspension clients gain an advantage

We take the lion’s share of a long, tedious and unforgiving record suspension application process off your shoulders by providing best-in-class services that distinguish us from our competitors:

  • We guarantee error-free results: You’ll receive a full refund of our fee in the unlikely event your record suspension application is returned because of an error on our part. Plus, we’ll correct the mistake and resubmit your record suspension application at no further cost to you.
  • Community-minded pricing: Muskoka is a tough employment market. Many of our clients are struggling financially because their criminal records are getting in the way of obtaining a job. We understand this and price our record suspension services accordingly.
  • We act with a sense of urgency: Our clients are never left wondering about the status of their record suspension applications and receive progress updates at all critical milestones.

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1-705-641-1498 our location
1-705-641-1498 our location

The one fact that matters most to record suspension applicants

Your record suspension application (formerly known as a pardon) will be scrutinized by highly trained parole board staff. This demanding screening process is designed with one purpose in mind — to seek out and send back applications with errors, omissions and ineligibilities.

Parole board data shows pardon and record suspension applications have trended towards higher failure rates during the screening phase in recent years.

Just one mistake will set your record suspension back months

Note: Data in this chart is sourced from performance reports that are publicly available on the parole board’s website.

record suspension - parole board performance graph
record suspension - parole board performance graph

Application failure rates in screening phase

Trendline showing increasing failure rates

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1-705-641-1498 our location
1-705-641-1498 our location

Need an urgent criminal record check?

We are authorized to obtain a criminal record check for employment screening purposes, job applications, volunteer roles, credit checks and cross-border travel needs. Here are the features and benefits of this service:

  • Convenience: You don’t have to take time off work or put your life on hold to visit a police station for a criminal record check. We’re available to schedule a same-day appointment at any reasonable hour of any day at our discrete location.  We can also set-up at business locations, job fairs and volunteer events to do multiple criminal record checks on-site.  We’re plenty flexible.
  • Quick turnaround: We know you want fast results when a job is on the line, when you need fast credit, or when an urgent travel need arises.  In fact, we’re typically able to obtain a criminal record check within just a couple hours of submitting the request to our police partner.
  • Authenticity: Our criminal record checks are conducted by our police partner through the same national database used by all Canadian police services, including the OPP. We print your results on a certificate that features official letterhead and an embossed seal that identifies our police partner.  This authentic criminal record check document is available the moment we receive your results and you do not pay extra for this convenient feature.

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1-705-641-1498 our location
1-705-641-1498 our location

Need a record suspension to obtain a job, travel with family or simply help you feel better about yourself?

CLEANSLATE Pardons specializes in producing record suspension applications (formerly known as a pardon) that are thorough, complete and accurate.

We are process experts and can guarantee your submission will not be rejected by the Parole Board of Canada due to incomplete information, errors or ineligibilities like thousands of other record suspension applicants.

Clients have told us they hired CLEANSLATE Pardons because:

  • Life is busy: They did not have the time to stay on top of a multi-step process that involves police and courts.
  • Too complex: They did not know where to start or quickly became overwhelmed by all the process steps and required paperwork.
  • Local expertise: They wanted expert help from a made-in-Muskoka business that would be more invested in their success than a big-city firm.
  • More affordable: They did not want to pay high hourly rates charged by licensed legal professionals because the Parole Board of Canada does not require any applicants to obtain legal services when completing a record suspension application.

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1-705-641-1498 our location
1-705-641-1498 our location

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